A Community Partner for Recovery and Restoration

Our clinic is a "safety net" dental clinic offering low-cost dental services to patients in the Bessemer and Birmingham communities. We are particularly interested in serving individuals who are striving to be free from addiction, alcoholism, and homelessness. We are partnered closely with the Foundry Rescue Mission and Recovery Center , a Christian-based recovery program in Bessemer, Alabama with a 40-year history of helping people rebuild lives. We are also open to persons in the community who cannot afford traditional dental services.

Foundry Dental Center is grounded in the belief that God calls us to help others, and that the call to love our neighbor demands that we get up and do something. Starting in 2009 as a group of volunteers, we have now grown to include several staff members and dental assistants. Our clinic is well equipped, and we are versed in most aspects of general dentistry, especially in the area of dental implants, sedation dentistry, and same-day crowns.

Our partners and collaborations include such groups as Asbury United Methodist Church , Jimmie Hale Mission, Cahaba Valley Health Care, Church of the Highlands, Lutheran Medical Center , and of course The Foundry Rescue Mission and Recovery Center , as well as many other non-profits in the Birmingham metro area. It is our privilege to help these groups in their missions of restoring lives by using our skills to restore smiles. This helps people to get jobs, remain free from pain while in the recovery process, and to reestablish self worth -- not to mention eating well!

It is our primary mission to serve those in addiction recovery programs, so we extend a special invitation to patients in recovery programs. If you are a non-profit offering services to support patients who have limited opportunities for dental care , we urge you to call us to find out about how our clinic can help your clients.

Some of our treatments include:

We do not participate in any insurance programs, but our fees are structured on a sliding scale in order to enable treatment for most anyone in need. If you are in pain and have no money -- you are our kind of patient! Come see us.

**We do not accept any type of dental insurance.**