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By The Foundry Dental Center
September 16, 2014
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mens health monthArchived dental articles from the Academy of General Dentistry and Journal of Periodontology have suggested that men are less likely to adhere to preventative dental care at home. We hope it’s improved in recent years, and since June National Men’s Health Month, we are taking this time to remind all men that oral health is important to overall health.
Oral Health and Its Connection to Overall Health
The mouth-body connection is a popular discussion, and studies are starting to see a relationship between gum disease and diabetes, heart disease and pregnancy.
  • Diabetes and oral health – inflammation in the mouth (due to bacteria infecting the gum tissue) has been linked to how the body controls blood sugar.
  • Heart disease and oral health – it’s suspected that gum disease plays a direct role in raising the risk of heart disease.
  • Pregnancy and oral health – researchers speculate that inflammation of the mouth related to infection can possibly affect the development of a fetus in the womb.
What Does At-Home Care Do for You? 
At-home dental care is your battle strategy against the enemy formally known as plaque bacteria. With a toothbrush and floss as weapons, it’s much easier to remove bacteria before it forms into plaque and tartar. Buildup breaks down the enamel, increasing the risk of cavities. And cavities can lead to gingivitis and gum disease.
Without at-home dental care, these issues can easily arise, but an oral hygiene regimen puts a stop to these problems before they start. If tooth decay isn’t prevented, then that’s when you seek the care of a dentist.
Check On Your Oral Health This June at Our Bessemer Dental Practice
If you don’t have an annual dental checkup scheduled, you should. Bi-annual visits will keep you motivated and on task when it comes to your oral health. If you don’t seek a dentist’s advice and preventative treatment, you could be risking more problems and advanced dental treatment down the road.
Call us to find out what openings we have this month and in July. It’s better to get your exam out of the way before summer vacation ends!
Do you have a dental concern? Call our Bessemer dentist office, The Foundry Dental Center, for an exam. 
By The Foundry Dental Center
March 14, 2014
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