Becoming a Patient

Unfortunately, we remain overwhelmed by the high demand for safety-net dental services. Our primary mission is to help people who are actively enrolled in recovery programs. However, we do see some uninsured community members. Please call at the beginning of the month to see if we have any openings for new patients. If you are in pain, you can walk-in and usually be seen that day. 

Patient Education

New Patient Forms - English

New Patient Forms - Spanish

It is our mission to serve, and we extend a special invitation to patients actively enrolled in addiction recovery programs, and patients who are poor or have other limited resources. We have three primary treatment goals that we will work with you to achieve:

Become Pain Free
Eliminate Dental Disease
Smile Again!

During your first visit with us, we will take the time to get acquainted and establish our relationship with you to see how we will be able to help you reach these goals.

Here is a quick view of patients who usually find The Foundry Dental Center the right place for affordable and necessary dental care.

Program Patients: If you are enrolled in an addiction recovery program, we are here for you! It is our mission to help you. We see patients from the Foundry Rescue Mission and Recovery Center, of course, but also from Jimmie Hale, Lovelady, and any other program you can imagine. We understand the difficult road to sobriety, and we want to help with what you are doing.

Safety-net Patients: Some people simply don't have a lot of money, even though they are working hard and holding a steady job; others are on a fixed income. While fees for safety-net patients are slightly higher than our program patient fees, they are still low compared to traditional dental offices. Come meet with our staff and ask about our sliding fee schedule based on your ability to pay.

Dental Implant Patients: Providing dental implant services is our specialty at the Foundry Dental Center. Typically our fees are about half of customary fees, and we offer a full range of treatment options, from simple to sophisticated. Implant patients are an important part of our teaching mission and help us attract quality residents to our program.